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Summer Camps

Summer 2023 is over but...summer 2024 is right around the corner!

Check back early February 2024 for camp descriptions and dates.  Registration opens early March 2024!

Summer Camps 2023


Harry Potter Camp - The Goblet of Fire

June 5th-9th-Full, call the office to waitlist

July 3rd, 5th-7th   9AM-2PM   

June 19th-23rd -Full, call the office to waitlist

For Grades 4-6  (Completed Prior to Summer )

$195 per camper

For Grades 4-6  (Completed Prior to Summer )

May 30th-June 2nd -Full, call the office to waitlist

August 1st-4th  -Full, call the office to waitlist 

$195 per camper

Zeus, Athena, Poseidon, Ares, Apollo, and the rest of the Olympians will once again be adopting a child for the summer at Camp Half Blood.  Who will your adopting parent be?  You'll gain special powers with the adoption and use them to  save the world from Atlas' tricks. Oh yes, and don’t tick your adopting parent off along the way or you could be toast!  The camp will be loosely based on The Titan's Curse from the Percy Jackson series but no need to read the book.  Zipline, archery, Capture the Flag,  disc golf, swim time and much more are included with this camp.  Due to high demand, limit of one Camp Half Blood per summer.

Camp Half Blood - The Titan's Curse


$185 per camper

Title of Camp

We're celebrating Hollywood like only the Youth Center can.     Have fun with this  traditional day camp experience  and enjoy activities built around your favorite blockbuster movies like Indiana Jones, Star Wars and Jurassic Park.  Cross the Amazon with Indy, destroy the Death Star, avoid the t-rex, make wookie sticks and so much more.  Camp includes ziplining, swimming, hiking, playing games, giggling, and crafting.

For Grades K-2 (Completed Prior to Summer)

June 26th-30th  9AM-1PM  

$185 per camper

A dolphin at daybreak, a lion at lunchtime, a ghost town at sundown and a polar bear at bedtime?? Only at the Youth Center where the Magic Tree House visits again this year and  fills the campers' days full of fun and adventure!  Corral mustangs, search for lions on an African safari, and befriend polar bears on your way to becoming Master Librarians. Your adventure includes flying through the trees on the zipline, swimming, hiking, games, crafts and making new friends galore.


Adventure Camp - Tall Tales

For Grades K- 2 (Completed Prior to Summer )

July 10th-14th   9AM-1PM 

For Grades 3-5 (Completed Prior to Summer )

July  17th-21st   9AM-1PM - Full, call the office to waitlist

$185 per camper


Last AirBender Camp - Fire Bending

For Grades K-2 ( Completed Prior to Summer )

July 24th-28th - Full, call the office to waitlist

$185 per camper

Who out runs, out eats, out wrestles, out grows, out grins, out brags, out chops, out sneezes, out rides, and just plain outdoes anyone? America’s first folk heroes, that’s who! This is the camp where the Trails take on the “Tall Tales”. Come join a rambunctious clan of scalawags from early America and other parts of the world. Together, we will get ourselves in lots of trouble as we plot against the villains of the Old West. Games, crafts, hikes, swimming, and zipline are also on tap.

Title of Camp


For Grades 3-5  (Completed Prior to Summer)

Magic Tree House Camp-Dolphins At Daybreak

Camp Crazee Daze - Hooray For Hollywood

You don’t have to be a Karate Kid to join in on the fun…come enter a land where campers are the avatars and learn to master the four elements - water, earth, air, and fire.  The Fire Nation is rising. The Ancient Leaders know that the original fire avatar was a dragon. Follow the ancient clues to find the Dragon Avatar,  practice your fire bending moves THEN be ready...  Join the adventure that is loosely based on the TV series.    Ziplining, swimming, games, crafts and much more are  included.

For Grades K-2  (Completed Prior to Summer )

June 12th-16th   9AM-1PM 

The Tri-Wizard Tournament and all the excitement that comes with it will be hosted at Hogwarts this summer!  Leave the Muggle world behind and cast your name into the Goblet of Fire.  Preparation for the tournament includes Quidditch, Imperious curse evasion, a Gillyweed taste-testing class and Portkey identification.  Also included broom flying lessons (zipline), dips in the Great Lake (swimming pool), Fanged Frisbee golf (disc golf),  games,  and crafts.  Loosely based upon Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire but no need to read the book.  Due to high demand, limit of one Harry Potter Camp per summer.

Title of Camp


Fun In The Sun

For Grades K-2   (Completed Prior to Summer )

Aug 8th   - Full, call the office to waitlist

For Grades 3-6   (Completed Prior to Summer )


Aug 10th   9AM-1PM

Aug  9th   9AM-1PM 

Aug  11th   9AM-1PM 

$60 per camper per day

Enjoy one last blast of summer before school starts with this camp that features all the  best activities at the Youth Center.  Ziplining, disc golf,  Capture the Flag and archery (older camp only), rope swing (younger camp only), swimming and outdoor games highlight this  jam-packed fun-filled day.

Title of Camp

More information on procedures and policies for all our summer camps can be found in our Parent Handbook.


Registration for Summer 2023 is currently closed.  Check back in early March 2024 to register for Summer 2024 camps.


A limited number of need-based scholarships are available for camp each summer.   Further  scholarship information is available at  2023 Scholarship information.


Scholarship applications are now closed.  Check back in early March 2024 for summer camp 2024 applications.

Health Procedures

Health procedures for 2023 Summer Camps are published here.

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