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Team Building

Team Building: Welcome
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Radical Challenge

This program is a four hour outdoor team building workshop held on a mile-long course in the Youth Center's woods and meadows.  The Radical Challenge  program  is designed for grades 5 and up to promote communication, team building, and cooperation through adventure games. Youth are placed in situations that demand leadership, trust, risk-taking, listening, creativity and physical effort.


Leadership Workshop Series

This program helps youth develop their leadership technique, increase their confidence by placing them in leadership situations, and teaches youth how to work together. The workshop strives to break down stereotypes, teaches students about understanding peers, and challenges youth to interact and set goals to positively change their school or peer environment.


The initial workshop is held at the Youth Center, with follow-ups planned according to program setting.   The workshops specialize in working with youth who are not the “regular” leaders and are a great avenue for fine tuning student council leadership skills and providing providing a fresh perspective on leadership to other youth and school organizations.


Leadership Energizer

This Leadership Energizer is a workshop that equips youth to see themselves and others through the eyes of a leader. Youth Center staff guide youth through fun, meaningful activities in large and small groups that build on the premise that true leaders do not create followers, they create leaders. 


The Leadership Energizer is a stand-alone program that is held at your site and is individualized  based on the size and needs of the group.   The program can act as a great preview or follow-up to the Radical Challenge Program.

Contact the Youth Center at 816-781-7733 to learn more about our leadership and team building offerings  and to book your organization's  date.

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